Manual Lock A2008

Manual Lock A2008


  • Lock ideal for hinged doors where heavy duty locking is required but the door requires a very narrow lock.
  • Door mounted, mortised
  • Suitable for site offices (converted containers), grille gates and hollow metal security doors
  • Lock installed in an upright position
  • Suitable for door thickness of more than 30mm


  • Dead latch lock
  • Lock dimension: 250mm high x 48mm depth x 25mm wide
  • Override key by Euro-profile cylinder lock (standard).
  • Key access from both sides or single side.
  • Locks fitted with oval cylinder locks can also be supplied.


  • Very narrow body; it can be fitted in a rectangular tubing of 38 x 50 x 1,6mm.
  • Fabricated mild steel body, nickel electro-plated.
  • Faceplate from nickel-plated mild steel.

Additional information

  • Different locks for left or right handed opening.