Medium Security Lock A2014

Medium Security Lock A2014


  • Heavy duty lock suitable for hinged doors, in most applications (steel or wooden doors)
  • Doorframe mounted, mortised
  • Lock is installed in the upright position
  • Used in high security doors, where slam locking is required
  • Medium security


  • Lock has a latch bolt action, slam locking
  • Latch bolt is motor driven, 12VDC, remote activated
  • Current draw 1,2A for 5 seconds maximum
  • “Fail-secure” type (power to open).
  • The latch can be manually retracted by security key, euro profile lock cylinder
  • Two outputs:
    • A safe/not safe indication of the latch position
    • A build in door position sensor


  • Metric dimensions; 250mm high, 40mm wide and 47,6mm deep
  • Overall dimensions; 324mm high, 65,5mm wide and 47,6mm deep
  • Body from stainless steel, grade 304.  Material thickness is 2,0mm
  • Internal parts from stainless steel, Grade 3CR12
  • Latch bolt from case hardened mild steel
  • Lock bolt throw 14mm
  • Lock bolt size 50 x 16mm


Locks convertible to left or right handed doors