GateLox Office

Gatelox pedestrian

The GateLox Office is a very good alternative to the magnetic lock (Mag Lock) at aluminium office doors.  Remote controlled.

It’s got all of the strengths of a Mag Lock and none of it’s weaknesses.  It can fit in a aluminium frame of 28 x 38 mm opposite the door handle, and will prevent bending the door.  The LED will indicate when lock is unlocked.

The GateLox Office is always safe with or without power, in times of load shedding you don’t have to worry about being exposed.


  • Remote controlled lock suitable for hinged doors, aluminium or steel, 40mm wide
  • Suitable for office doors where access must be controlled.
  • Lock remains secure during power failure.


  • Remote controlled, electric lock – Operating Voltage 12V DC.
  • Slam lock. Opened by push button, key pad or remote control
  • “Fail-secure” type (power to open).
  • LED will indicate the open position.  The micro switch (N/O) can be linked to bell, alarm or camera

Gatelox Office

Key Features:

  • Will fit door frames of 28mm thickness, also aluminum doors.
  • No battery backup needed to keep locked position.
  • Manual override (keys) provided, both sides.
  • Breaking strength of 800kg (8 000N).
  • Reliable operation, high duty cycle.
  • Suitable for new and retrofitted installations.

Technical Specification:

Operating Voltage 12V DC
Maximum current draw 1,5A @ 12V
Maximum pulse length 10 Sec
Duty Cycle 60%
Breaking Strength 800kg (8 000N)
Outside dimensions H: 250 mm W: 31,6 mm D: 49mm
Mass 900g
Material Stainless Steel – Gr314


Available for left- or right handed doors