Your gate is the first stronghold when it comes to keeping criminals out and securing your safety.  It will prevent access to your premises.  The biggest advantage is that you can unlock your gate while in the safety of your car, even a sliding gate.

The GateLox was developed for security gates and access controlled environments which can easily be integrated with a remote control, keypad or the push of a button.

The GateLox has a robust stainless steel construction for inside and outside use. It incorporates a key operated single cylinder lock allowing manual override when needed.  It will fit in a square tubing of minimum 50 x 50 mm.  For smaller posts typical at pedestrian gates, consider the Gatelox Junior or Gatelox office.

The Gatelox is ideal for:

1. Double Swing Gates for motor entrances.
2. Sliding Gates for motor entrances.
3. Heavy duty pedestrian gates

Key Features:

  • Slam lock, fail safe operation (need power to unlock).
  • Electric Lock –  Operating Voltage 12V DC, 1,5A max for 10 seconds
  • Stainless Steel for all weather purpose
  • No battery backup needed
  • Manual key override provided (one side)
  • Breaking strength up to 1 000kg (10 000N)
  • Slam lock will provide instant security as the lock engages the moment the door closed.
  • High duty cycle
  • New and retrofitted installations possible
  • Left handed and Right Handed options